process equipment for the water industry

Screw Pumps

Screw pumps are positive displacement pumping mechanisms that uses single or multiple screws to propel fluids, or solids, along the screw’s axis.

There are many advantages to using screw pumps.

  • They are hardy pumps that undergoes minimal wear and tear
  • They will operate for many years without giving trouble or breaking down, in fact it is not uncommon for a screw pump to last up to 20 years.
  • They are easily able to pump raw sewage, both floating and heavy solids, radically lowering costs by eliminating the need for “extra” equipment.
  • Little maintenance is required to keep a screw pump in tip top shape. It is easy and can be done by your own staff, making it the obvious choice for rural areas.
  • Screw pumps are able to run whether there is water or not, thus completely eliminating the risk of “dry-running” your pump.

It is easy to see why screw pumps are the best choice for any fluid propulsion, so contact Shosa today for a quote.